ICC Announces ODI & T20I Champions Cup & More Tournaments Each Year

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has released the full suite of proposed events for 2023 to 2031 broadcast rights cycle.

The next cycle sees the introduction of the World Test Championship and the ODI and T20 Champions Cup.

World Test Championship and T20 Champions Cup have drawn criticism from different cricketing boards because of the compact cricketing calendar.

ICC has proposed World Test Championship in the years 2025, 2027, 2029, and 2031. Taking into account the number of T20 leagues, there will be little time available for any bilateral series. With 48 matches, T20 Champions Cup will be another World Cup in size.

On the other hand, the ODI Champions Cup will be an event similar in size to the Champions Trophy consisting of 6 teams and 16 matches.

Moreover, ICC has also proposed women’s ODI and T20 Champions Cup in 2023, 2027 and 2024, 2028 respectively. Both events will see 6 teams competing in 16 matches.

Here is the complete list of proposed ICC events for the cycle 2023-2031:

2023ODI Champions Cup
2024T20 Champions CupT20 Champions Cup
2025Test Championship, ODI Champions CupODI World Cup
2026T20 World CupT20 World Cup
2027Test Championship, ODI World CupODI Champions Cup
2028T20 Champions CupT20 Champions Cup
2029Test Championship, ODI Champions CupODI World Cup
2030T20 World CupT20 World Cup
2031Test Championship, ODI World Cup

ICC has given a deadline of March 15 to member countries to submit expression of interest to bid for the global events from 2023 to 2031.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is expected to submit its expression of interest for all major events scheduled from 2023 to 2031. PCB remains optimistic to win the hosting of events from each format.

According to the ICC’s terms, the host nation for each event would retain ticketing, hospitality and catering revenues, while the ICC would command all commercial and broadcast rights to each event.

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