Govt to Launch App & Website About Religious and Cultural Tourist Sites

The federal government will launch a mobile application and website for tourists letting them access necessary information regarding all historical and religious sites in Pakistan.

According to reports, the Department of Archaeology and Museums (DoAM) is developing the application and website under the project ‘Mapping of Historical and Religious Sites in Pakistan.’

Pakistan is blessed with a large number of religious and historical sites. The project will make information about the famous and unfamiliar sites accessible to people.

Director Archaeology at DoAM, Abdul Azeem, says:

The mobile app and website will carry information regarding significance, origin, and importance of historical and religious sites for the users and serve as a traveler’s guide.

Tourists, archaeologists, researchers, and students will benefit from the initiative alike, said Director Archaeology.

The project will be completed before the end of the year and will help the country boost tourism and raise substantial amounts of revenue.

Once the project is completed, DoAM will acquire the services of archaeologists and historians to compile all the information about historical and religious sites in Pakistan.

DoAM, by working under the National History and Literary Division, has completed numerous projects to preserve the cultural and historical sites of the country.

The most notable project in this regard remains the digitization of artifacts by compiling the digital record of antiquities.

Via: The News

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