why it’s the best alternative to Adsense

Google Adsense is the biggest source of Publishers for earning money from their sites, Youtube Channels, and blogs and it’s the best-paying platform ever. Today we are going to discuss the new ad network

There are a lot of ad networks that are also paying good but today I am going to let you introduce with newly launched and first-ever Pakistani ad platform Frezin.

Is Frezin support small publishers?

Yes, frezin currently supports small publishers with good content and also in every country and even supports blogs with a subdomain like Blogspot blogs.

Traffic Requirements for Frezin?

Almost every ad network have traffic requirement for publishers but Frezin is new in Market and currently they don’t have any traffic requirements they require only good content on your site or blog.

What is CPC & CMP Frezin Offering?

Frezin is launched globally and accepting publishers and advertisers from around the glob and the CPC & CPM is based on country and locations. Average CPC is $0.05 to $0.10 and average CPM is $1 to $5.

Ad Types By

Frezin is offering ad types similar to Google Adsense and there are no Pop Ups and Pop Under ads. Frezin is offering advanced formats which are optimized for all type of screens. Following are the types of ads:

  1. Banner Ads
  2. Text Ads/In Article Ads (One Universal Code and Best Performing ads)
  3. Mobile Only Ads (Similar to auto ads by Adsense)

Can we use Frezin with Adsense?

Most of the advertising networks are not supported by Adsense due to their type of ads that are not user-friendly. Frezin ads are safe and based on advanced technology similar to AdSense so we can use both network ads on our site at the same time. If you have AdSense approved on your site you can use Frezin too for earning more from your content.

Does ad blocker work for Ads?

Frezin is much advance than Google Adsense and other ad networks and ad blocker doesn’t work on Frezin ads so you can earn much higher than others from ads.

Google Adsense ads from

The most advanced feature of is the Google AdSense ads feature which you can set from frezin. Frezin supports custom CPC & CPM so you can set your own rates for advertising on your site and you can put your Adsense ads code under setting and if your chosen rate was not available on frezin the frezin will show your AdSense ads on that space where you have put the frezin ad code.

Google Adsense Code in

Payment Methods

Frezin currently supporting the PayPal payment method but you can request your own payment method from the support team.

Does Frezin Suspend Accounts?

Frezin is much advance and can track the invalid activity on your site faster than AdSense and yes they will suspend your account if found invalid clicking or invalid activity.


We can say that Frezin is best for your if you don’t have AdSense ads on your site and if you have AdSense on your site or blog then you can use Frezin with AdSense for earning extra income from your content.

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