Why Gancube is a leader in Speedcube Community

So, are you a cube lover? like me! okay, then you’re in the right place because today I’m going to recommend the world’s number 1 speedcube maker company the “Gancube”.

Have you heard about GanCube? Yes, this is the website where you can buy the world’s best cubes. Gancube is an emerging technology enterprise founded in 2014 by Mr. Gan-Yuan Jiang, the speedcubing pioneer in China. Gancube owns multiple patents and spreads its business from research and development to design, manufacture, marketing, promotion, and wholesale.

Why Gancube?

So, why I’m recommending you the gancube? because of following reasons:

  1. Flagship (Lead the industry frontline with yearly flagships
  2. 500k+ worldwide fans
  3. Peat – The mains of consecutive 4 Rubik’s Cube World champion
  4. By 2020 Gancube has passed more than 150 intellectual property rights, including more than 50 original patents.

Gancube is the number 1 speedcube specialist

GANCUBE successfully created premium flagship products like GAN11M Pro, GAN356 X, GAN 356 X, besides intelligence, based on its own deep insight into the market and the groundbreaking design series, magnetic series, Light series, an irregular series. As a world-renowned speedcube brand, Gancub products have been sold to more than 100 countries or regions worldwide and considered Apple INC in the rubik’s cube community.


Gan 365 Air SM is the best cube ever and is a record smasher. The powerful performance of GAN356 AirSM was testified by the 5.97s World-Record from Feliks, in June, 2017. Magnets in AirSM will not drop, and their positions will be more precise with the Magnets-Snap-On design. With the use of 3mm*2mm magnets, the handfeel will be more stable and more comfortable. P.S. This design is brand new for the AirSM. There are 48 magnets in total in the GAN356 AirSM. The whole cube weighs only 76 grams, which is almost the same as the Air and AirUM.

You can Buy Gan 365 Air SM here on discount.

GAN 365 Air M

Gan 365 Air M is another record smasher by Gancube. The GAN356 Air M has 48 built-in magnetic capsules that allow each layer to accelerate into position by the mutual attraction of magnetic force; Each capsule can be seen, no magnets would fall apart, perfectly placed in notches. GES Pro is composed of Dual numerical IPG, 6 GTNs, and a Numerical variable nut, allowing for the numerical tuning of 24 different feels, easy and accurate. Elasticity weak or strong? You are the boss. 6 elastic gears, turn anticlockwise 1 step, the elastic force get 1 level stronger, then the cube get tighter; otherwise, the cube would get looser.

You can order GAN 365 Air M here on discount.

I hope you will buy your next cube from GAN.COM as the company is Apple in the CUBE industry and providing speedcube since 2014.

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