TECNO celebrates success; networking in 70 countries globally

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Globally launched in 2006, TECNO has come forward as an eminent smartphone brand. Starting  its peak in the African region, TECNO became popular with its latest yet affordable s martphones. The brand got named in the Top 100 Most Admired Brands in Africa within no time. It has also stayed in the TOP 6 brands on the African continent for five consecutive years. With these successes, TECNO soon got popular in other markets too. In 2016, TECNO partnered with Manchester City, the famous football club getting international recognition. 

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Soon after, the brand started penetrating its network in other developing countries like Pakistan. Currently, TECNO Mobile is present in more than 70 countries globally where it has rooted itself as one of the popular smartphone brands. According to the IDC report, TECNO has shipped around 354.7 million smartphones worldwide in 2020. Globally, the sales exceeded 25 million units, a 45% increase, whereas the revenue exceeded 15 billion yuan, rising 38% YoY in 2020

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By July 2021, TECNO has established over 80,000 retail networks worldwide. This is a huge number which proves the large customer base TECNO has created in a short time. The brand has built positive collaborations for many years and now has more than 400 global partners, creating a strong and robust partner ecosystem. Whereas, in Pakistan TECNO has 6 major distributors including United Mobile, YelloStone, Airlink, Muller and Phillips (M&P), Advance Telecom and the latest addition, Burque. 

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This is not all! Apart from smartphones, TECNO’s portfolio expands over tablets, smart wearables, and AIoT devices. TECNO began deploying the AIoT product ecosystem in 2019 which focuses on various lifestyles, audio. smart wearables, and data exchange products. According to sources, TECNO will be launching its AIoT solution in Pakistan in the coming year to bring comfort and convenience to its consumers. 

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All in all, TECNO has all the necessary numbers to justify its hype in the smartphone market. The brand has created a positive image with its budgetary phone and it now moving to the high-end consumers with phones like the Phantom X. We are quite hopeful for what more TECNO shall be bringing for its fans in both, the global and local markets. 

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