Become a Pro-Photographer with TECNO Camon 18 series

Smartphone photography has been gaining much hype in the current era. Many youngsters cannot afford to buy professional bulky cameras for photography which has made the smartphone industry advance much in terms of cameras and photography features. TECNO has been making strides in the industry with the inclusion of incredible camera features in its smartphones. Today, we’re here to give you some tips and tricks to use so you can become a pro-photographer with the Camon 18 Series

The Latest Gimbal Technology:

The Camon 18 Premier comes with advanced gimbal technology to make your videos steady like a professional. With this, you can make fun videos, boomerangs, and even TikToks without any hassle. This device also comes with additional features including film mode, street, vintage, and much more! Just select the additional features and make your videos even better. 

Super Moon:

Capturing the moon is the latest social media trend. You can do this by placing your Camon 18 Premier on a tripod and selecting Super Moon! This enables the phone’s 60x Hyper Zoom which takes clear pictures up close. That’s it! Now show off your photography skills on your social media account. 

Portrait Mode:

If you want to take stunning photos of yourself or your friends, portrait mode is the way to go! Available in all three devices; the Camon 18 Premier, Camon 18t, and Camon 18P, your pictures will come out vibrant and focused with this feature. 

You can use the Portrait Lighting feature in your Camon 18 Premier to apply studio-quality lighting effects to your portraits. You can choose Natural Light to brighten facial features, Contour Light for more dramatic directional lighting, Stage Mono for stage light in a classic black and white, Polka Dots to add some colorful dot’s effect to your portrait.

There is also the option of Profile Effect through which you can take amazing portrait pictures for social media. Moreover, the Tree Shadow effect adds tree shadows in the background of your portrait to give it a more dramatic look.

Clear Photography:

All three devices in the Camon 18 series come with exceptional smartphone features which you can use to make your photography experience exceptional. The Camon 18 Premier comes with a 64MP rear camera, which captures clear and vibrant pictures. Moreover, both the Camon 18t and Camon 18P are equipped with a 48MP primary camera, which takes bright and striking pictures.

Also, some of our favorite influencers and photographers have raved about the Camon 18 series all over their accounts. So, listen to their advice and use our photography tips to impress all your friends with your pro-photography skills. 

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